School of Economics, The University of Sydney 

Department of Economics, Texas A&M University 


Department of Economics, Texas A&M University 


“This professor was one of the best professors that I have had at Texas A&M. She was very good at teaching the course, and she was also very helpful and adaptive in the class. I loved the course, and it made me more interested in economics as a whole! I would definitely want to have this instructor again.”

“This is one of the best econ classes I've taken. I like how the lecture slides are posted and the videos are easy to access. I appreciate that the instructor gives us lots of time to work on the homework assignments. I really appreciate the exam reviews and that the instructor is very clear about what to expect.”

“I really enjoyed this class. I believe that this course is laid out how I would want any course to be. I believe that the material is presented nicely, study sessions help tremendously, and the course is laid out properly. I would've taken courses like this one all throughout college if I could. Thank you for being a perfect instructor and making it all so clear to understand.”

“She was very available for office hours and if people seemed to understand a topic she would make more office hours available. Also, she answers all emails quickly, and genuinely seems to care if we understand what we're learning.”

“I enjoyed taking this course a lot. The content was interesting, well presented and engaging. The instructor did a great job on making this class as engaging as possible through group discussions, and made sure to implement suggestions that we had. Would definitely take again.”